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Brace-free or Bust: Evie's journey to brace-free-land

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To all those were affected by this awful tragedy, I'm praying for you!

Living it up in Brace-Free-Land!

no more braces!


August 15, 2006: I'm not sure if anyone reads this still but I'll update just in case. Well, more than a month since I've been de-braced. I can't stress how awesome it is. I never thought that the high I got at the end would match the lows that I went through while in treatment, but honestly it has surpassed them. Looking in the mirror makes everything so worth it...I don't care what it took to get here, it was damn worth it. I still get a rush of self-confidence every time I see myself. I feel like I'm finally an adult, finally the world sees me as an adult and not an awkward teenager still stuck in braces. I am everything I wanted to be right now: almost 18 and I finally feel beautiful inside and out. I got my senior pics done the other I can't even begin to explain how I felt when I saw myself brace-free in my cap and gown holding that diploma. Like I made it, I finally made it, but in so many more ways than that dinky little diploma could show. It's all finally coming together, everything that I've worked so hard to get is now finally within reach...I made it. The journey that I thought would never end...has ended.
Make way for new adventures; I'm ready to face whatever life may bring, armed and ready with my fabulous smile.

They're off!
The white spots are from the flash, there aren't any actually on my teeth:)


My story:

I'll try to make this short and sweet:
I got my braces on in September 2002, in order to bring down my impacted canine. I first got the impacted canine (named Vicki, short for Victory) uncovered on January 2, 2004, which is where they put a bracket on the impacted tooth and then connect a chain going from the tooth to the archwire. Then they slowly pull down on the chain until the tooth comes in. 
Well, they pulled it down but nothing showed up, so in June they pulled extra hard, which meant one PAINFUL night! However, it hurt WAY more than normal and I knew something was wrong. Well, later on in the day, I looked in the mirror and saw the bracket from Vicki hanging off of the archwire. They had pulled it so hard that it had gotten detached from the tooth, and had actually cut through my gums. No wonder it hurt so much! So I was back in the oral surgeon's on June 11, 2005 to get it uncovered again. That was finals week at school as well...I definately forfitted a good chunk of those finals for my teeth-this had better be worth.
After months of pulling, Vicki finally decided to show up in March, 2005. Wahoo! I only started taking pictures in January of 2005, so that's all I've got on here.

My braces blog

July 4, 2006: Tomorrow is debanding....Wow, it's surreal, honestly surreal that in 24 hours I won't have braces anymore. Me, Eve, without braces? I'll be naked-it's going to be so wierd. I have to say, I will miss them a little bit. I have a sort of love hate relationship going on with them, but overall they really have made me a much stronger person because of the obstacles that I've had to overcome with them. I definately won't miss having them on, but they are kind of like an old friend and I think I'll ask if I can keep them-not on of course, but in a little ziplock baggie that I can store and whip out whever I hit an obstacle that I think I won't be able to overcome.

I'm so excited, I really am. I can't wait to see myself without braces, I can't even begin to imagine what I'm going to look like.

Thanks so much again for all your support-you've all been there through thick and thin and I really do appreciate it, I really do.

I'll post pics tomorrow-it's 10:30 eastern time lol

Signing out from my last post with braces, Much love, Eve


Evie's journey to brace-free-land